Saturday, November 22, 2008

Observations of the Historic 2008 US Presidential Election

Most of us have grown up reading about historical turning points. This year, on November 4th, 2008 we experienced one together - not just our nation - the whole world.

As the world watched, we elected the first black President of the United States. Barack Hussein Obama represents a new way of being and a new way of thinking in the world.

During the first debate, some people criticized Barack for 'not being tough enough' and 'not fighting back.' His response was, 'this is my way - this is who I am.'

Barack has ushered in awareness that enables us to see the 'Fear - Hope' continuum in the words we speak with each other, in the conversations that connect us, and in the actions we choose to take.

We need teachers and sages in politics, not just politicians. Barack has given us light to be clearer on our choices, and to understand when we are choosing hope and accountability over fear, and why we are choosing hope. Barack is teaching us to be leaders, not followers.

During the election, each of us was asked to soul search. To dig inside and see what we each wanted to stand for. We had a chance to hold up a mirror and decide. And the world did.

Never before have we had such a voting-turnout. Never before have we had so many young and old people standing in line side-by-side to vote. Never before have we had such spirited debates and such lifting of consciousness about what it really takes to live in a WE-Centric world.

And now the healing begins. Democrats and Republicans are coming together to address one of this century's most threatening economic crisis; a crisis that not only touches our land, but reaches around the globe. We are all in this together whether we like it or not.

WE -as a global community - must find new ways to talk with each other; new ways of embracing our differences; new ways of having conversations. Now is the time to face each other in peace and unity - now is the time to seek new ways of framing our challenges to invite our best thinking to emerge. Now is the time for WE, now is the time for Change.

Judith E. Glaser is the Author of two best selling business books:

Creating WE: Change I-Thinking to We-Thinking & Build a Healthy Thriving Organization - winner of the Bronze Award in the Leadership Category of the 2008 Axiom Business Book Awards, and The DNA of Leadership; and the DVD and Workshop titled The Leadership Secret of Gregory Goose

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